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Introducing the Deep Living Project

Hey Deep Living People!

My names Todd Mansfield and I’m one of the co-creators of The Deep Living Project. The aim is to bring inspiring projects about people living an alternative lifestyle to you! Using short film we focus on people working in permaculture, regenerative farming, natural building techniques, connecting with nature and lots more. We believe that the only thing stopping us from living in abundance is a paradigm shift, the community and the know-how to make it happen.

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Regenerative Agriculture- Broadacre Farm Design using Keyline patterning, Holistic Management and PERMACULTURE!

Yandoit Farm has a had an interesting past, and it’s written on the landscape if you know what to look for. There are mines dug throughout the property, left from a time when gold was being mined. In more recent times the farm has been used to raise cattle.

The stewards of the farm, Michael and Lisa, started down the road of regenerating the land, working with permaculture designers and regenerative agriculture consultants to improve the farmland, build soil, and bring fertility back to the land.

The Cheapest Place to Store Water is in the Soil

There are many different approaches to water management for your Permaculture paradise, different techniques for different climates, big solutions and small solutions. I’ve recently been working on a film clip for a large property that was going through some large earthworks, mainly around catching and storing water. That’s a big solution, and up front can be expensive, though I’m sure it will pay off in no time with increased yields.

A Bit on Bananas

‘The banana is the most important fruit crop of the wet tropics, and may have been the first fruit cultivated by man’ Louis Glowinski
What a quote! I’m not educated enough on the subject to agree or disagree but either way bananas truly are quite amazing plants. I’ve always been interested in them but having lived most of my gardening life in a temperate climate haven’t had much experience growing them.
Sharon, a permaculture trainer from Byron College was the perfect person to show me a bit on bananas.

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