The Deep Living Project- Sharing Permaculture Skills

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Introducing the Deep Living Project

Hey Deep Living People!

My names Todd Mansfield and I’m one of the co-creators of The Deep Living Project. The aim is to bring inspiring projects about people living an alternative lifestyle to you! Using short film we focus on people working in permaculture, regenerative farming, natural building techniques, connecting with nature and lots more. We believe that the only thing stopping us from living in abundance is a paradigm shift, the community and the know-how to make it happen.

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Questions for Future Feeders?

I’ve been trying to get over to see the Future Feeders set up and meet the core team ever since we moved up to their neck of the woods. I finally made it over to their newly started market garden to meet them and do a bit of filming. The garden is on the outskirts of the Mullumbimby Community Gardens and even though it’s early days seedlings are being planted, seed is being collected and plants are growing strong and tall.

Low Tech Oyster Grow- Update

Just a quick little update on how the low tech oyster mushroom experiment went. I tried a little experiment based around raising the PH of the soak water using wood ash. If you missed the little video on the experiment then check it out.

The Quince- Caring for your Fruit Trees

The Quince, Cydonia oblong is a beautiful, deciduous fruit tree. It is part of the Rosaceae family along with Apples and Pears and a handful of other fruit.

Justin Calverley from Sensory Gardens shows us some simple techniques to keep quinces well cared for in the garden or the orchard. A few very important points to keep in mind when pruning your Quince tree.