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Introducing the Deep Living Project

Hey Deep Living People!

My names Todd Mansfield and I’m one of the co-creators of The Deep Living Project. The aim is to bring inspiring projects about people living an alternative lifestyle to you! Using short film we focus on people working in permaculture, regenerative farming, natural building techniques, connecting with nature and lots more. We believe that the only thing stopping us from living in abundance is a paradigm shift, the community and the know-how to make it happen.

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Worm Farming- Turning Garbage into Gold

Worm farming would have to be one of my top approaches to feeding the soil and keeping my plants growing happy and healthy. I find it to be an excellent way to keep adding small and continuos hits of fertility. According to Jackie French worm manure or castings contain between 1-4% nitrogen and 0.3-3.5% phosphorus as well as a number of trace elements. And we know how important all that goodness is!

Future Feeders- Market Gardening and Community Farming

Joel Orchard and Anais Gschwind sowed the firsts seeds for the Future Feeders movement in early stages of 2014. Since then with the collective ideas of a vibrant group, Future Feeders has established its first 1.5 acre urban market garden at the Mullumbimby Community Gardens and begun to develop a platform for a broader collective of young farmers and food activists.

Living in the Bubble- Sunrise from Koonyum Range

Last week, completely unplanned, I woke before sunrise. I was thinking to myself that I could go straight back to sleep (like I’d normally do) but something pushed me out of bed.
I’ve been hoping to film the sunrise for awhile now so I grabbed my gear and shot off to the closest lookout, ten minutes down the road.
It’s just a little clip, and not quite a Permaculture skill but I still think it’s aligned with The Deep Living Project ethos. Something to think about, and a little tongue and cheek humour to go along with the sunrise on a new day.